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Jon Ritzheimer's Oregon Refuge Standoff Sig P238
Posted by Rachel Ritzheimer December 3, 2017
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    This is the Sig P238 Scorpion Micro-Compact that Jon Ritzheimer wore during the takeover of the Malheur Nation Wildlife Refuge in 2016.  


        There are only two guns that were actually used during the initial takeover, that made it out and did not get confiscated by the FBI. This is one of them. This gun was used in its intended fashion that is outlined in the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Jon Ritzheimer also carried this gun while watching the back of Robert LaVoy Finicum during many press conferences. It has been memorialized to LaVoy Finicum and has been laser etched on top with the famous Lavoy Finicum quote , "It Matters How You Stand." It also has the Finicum Ranch Brand laser etched on top and on the side, which says "In Loving Memory of LaVoy Finicum." It has been mounted inside this collector's case along with a signed copy of the U.S. Constitution. This is an amazing piece of history that was used to take part in what is now known as one of the most Patriotic Acts of Civil Defiance since the Boston Tea Party.

        The money from this gun will go towards paying off all the restitution for everyone involved in the Oregon Takeover of 2016. The remainder will go to the Finicum Family to help fund their fight in getting justice for LaVoy.

        This gun also comes with a signed and notarized Certificate of Authenticity.

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